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Music is a common language, the world over. 

The right music in the right order, at the right time, ensures a great party!

The music mix will vary according to the nature of the celebration and what you, the client, requires.  Most events are based around a core selection of favourite tracks, as selected by you, and frequently by guests also.  I then expand the set using my experience and awareness of what makes the dance floor tick to make a great celebration.  The involvement of you and your guests, in playlist planning, is always welcomed.  Preparation helps for you and me.


"We had three calls/consultations with him prior to the celebration and he guided us through the day and the music selection in a way that greatly improved it without imposing his own preferences on the day.  Jules has a very deep and broad knowledge of music. We strongly recommend him to anyone who cares about music for their celebration."

Wedding of Jen and David


My music collection is large and extensive, from swing, jazz, rhythm and blues (the original material), through big band, rock and roll motown, and then the more recent decades - 70s, 80s etc - right up to the current charts.  This means that I can vary the mix according to the stage of your function e.g. welcome and relax, a triumphant ceremony, lively cocktails, warm up, a chatty drinks reception, background music to dinner, a vibrant party etc.  


You may wish to concentrate the music mix to fit in with a theme e.g. Great Gatsby, 70s, Studio 54, Jazz era, 50s etc.  I can help as I have the knowledge and experience.


As ages are generally varied at events, particularly weddings, it is very important for you to know that I can play knowledgeably from a wide range of eras and styles.


For proof of my ability to deliver for weddings, parties, themed nights etc please check out Testimonials.

Your involvement, and that of your guests, in playlist planning is always welcomed.  Requests on the night are also to be encouraged.


I encourage clients to identify their favourite tracks.  Let your guests do the same.  We all associate music with certain times in our lives and who we spent them with.  Meaningful music will resonate through the dancefloor!


  • those tracks you went mad to in your younger years with friends/work colleagues, at university, when travelling etc

  • your mates/friends singalongs

  • your current favourites from the charts

  • the one(s) you associate with when you and your partner met

  • the one(s) the grandparents sing along to with the grandchildren

  • the family favourites etc etc.


You will have your very own online Event Planner where you can enter your requests and any associated dedications, 24/7 from anywhere in the world.


The online Event Planner has a Guest Request facility, permitting your guests, at your discretion, to make and enter their music choices.  You are notified each time this happens, and the system gives the option to edit as you wish.

Something old - the timeless hits of previous genres

Something borrowed - mixes/hashes of well known tunes

Something new - the current and recent chart hits

Something blue - choose your partner carefully!

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