PARTY DJ, London and the south east

PARTY DJ London and the south east

At your party you want to relax & celebrate in the company of your friends & family.  ​There's a party happening.  It is a special occasion.


Let's make it unforgettable - for all the right reasons - a night to remember


As an experienced and successful Party DJ (see my testimonialsI strive to ensure you and your guests will have a great celebration.  I work right across the South East, not just London.


Preparation and up front planning are essential to delivering a great party.   It is key for me to understand exactly what you want from your celebration.  Absolutely it is your party but please also allow me to make suggestions based on my experience of other successful events.


As an example I was recently asked to DJ a 1940s themed birthday party.  Upon investigation and discussing the event the client did not want any big band, or R&B music!!  Obviously there is an immediate contradiction here.  We did talk it through and sort it out but it vividly demonstrates that communication is vital and making assumptions that we have the same understanding can be dangerous.


"Thank you Jules, we were amazed at how great the venue looked. Loved the led floor. Everyone has commented on what a great night they had. Sharon is suffering from blister through dancing so much! You did an excellent job, especially as you had so many requests for different styles of music. Well done."

60th Birthday and 40th Wedding Anniversary Celebration for Sharon and Bill Dineen

September 2015


Many events for birthdays and celebrations are themed e.g. Western, James Bond, 1940s, 80s etc.  Please involve me in your preparations.  As an experienced party dj I can make suggestions based on previous well worked options but also I can suggest new ideas for more fun and merriment.


Colours play a very important part too.  Certain colours clash whilst others are complementary.  Best get it right early on!  My party dj service gives consultation on this aspect.  Mood Lighting, even in great venues, adds that extra special ambience. 


Music is fundamental to any good party but so is the timeline - how the event unfolds.  We aim to achieve a great atmosphere for a fun and memorable time.  Maintaining the momentum is so important - you will know how too many breaks interrupt the flow of a great event.  My party dj service has excellent communications facilities re planning your event.


Party DJ for London and the south east

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