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DJ Jules, Wedding DJ London
DJ Jules, Wedding DJ Londo
DJ Jules, Wedding DJ London
Wedding DJ London, DJ Jules
Great Wedding Party, The Rosendale, DJ Jules, London Party DJ, Wedding DJ London, London Wedding DJ

The biggest day of most people's personal lives.  Your special event.  Attention to detail.  It happens once only, so let's get it right; first time.


As a successful and experienced Wedding DJ I know how important it is to mark what is probably the most important day in your personal life with a fantastic and memorable celebration.  Playing of great music and creation of a superb ambience are the keystones to my wedding dj service for London and beyond.


Each celebration is unique, as are you, and therefore so should be my service to you and your guests. This is YOUR wedding celebration.  Therefore, my approach is to take direction from you and consult re your ideas.  I will have an input too, as I draw upon not only my many years of experience as wedding and party dj but also from hosting and running events


Great and relevant music will resonate deeply.  Let's play key tracks from important times in your lives.  Involve family and guests as well.    Appropriate lighting will offer the best ambience.  Celebrations are so much more vibrant when the music and lighting are just perfect.


Music plays a massive role in creating and maintaining the right tempo for each stage of your event.  My wedding dj service is available for :


  • all day, from the ceremony forward or from the drinks reception

  • evening only


For each stage I have a wide and fantastic library of appropriate music to call upon on.


"Your professionalism and understanding of musical taste are second to none; I've already started making a playlist of the music and just love your style and range of songs, it's given us loads of new material to timelessly enjoy."

Wedding of Adele and Sunny, September 2015

Mood Lighting, DJ Jules, Wedding DJ London, London Party DJ
Mood Lighting, DJ Jules, Wedding DJ London, London Party DJ

Vibrant and brilliant mood lighting will enhance your event magically.  Even the most historic venues can be enhanced.  Let's co-ordinate lighting colours with that of your bridal scheme.   It's just common sense but for so many celebrations this does not happen.  With my wedding dj service we work togther to ensure it is just right - first time!


A common characteristic of a wedding celebration is the wide spread of ages.  A great celebration should be inclusive.  As an experienced wedding dj I have a proven ability to play music to a wide range of age groups.    My music collection is built across all eras from the 1920s forward to the current charts, and also across many genres.


My role is also to help keep the event moving.  I am very comfortable handling and staging transitions; at the same time keeping your guests aware of what is happening - all be it for an all day service or evening only.  My style is informal, direct and genial. The transitions between stages require careful handling to maintain the flow and energy of your event.  As a wedding dj I look to minimise abrupt stops and restarts; too many can deflate the ocassion.


As pictures speak a thousand words please look at the Gallery and see Mood Lighting.  Also look at my Portfolio for service descriptions showing images of my wedding dj set ups, the playlist and of course....dancing!!


My wedding dj services aims to make each celebration a fantastic and memorable one, please check out my Testimonials, they speak for themselves.


The celebration whilst at the back end of your big day is the last experience that you and your guests will take away; so let's make it one to remember ............for all the right reasons.


Wedding DJ London and the south east!
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DJ Jules, Wedding DJ London, London Party DJ
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