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DJ Jules, Wedding DJ London, London Party DJ
DJ Jules, Wedding DJ London, London Party DJ
DJ Jules, Wedding DJ London, London Party DJ

I have a lifetime of being involved with the hosting, and running, of events. It started in my early teens with staging the Cricket Club annual dinner, which then led on to school and University events.  This pattern continued in my working life.  However, at the turn of the millenium I took my passion for music and events and started my own dance and events company - Evolution Dance (Jan 2000 - Sep 2013).


Evolution Dance grew to become one of the leading independent social dance operations in the country.  Injury curtailed my dance career but the entertainment aspect continues to grow.  I have DJ'ed at thousands of weddings, parties and dance events, often several times a week.


Being self-employed I am totally focused on delivering a great service to you and your event. This is what I do for a living and I bring the focus, energy and determination to deliver that comes with the territory.


I have a great understanding on how music impacts us in group situations.   In social dance there are few special effects (smoke, lighting etc) and so understanding how different varieties of music impact us, and therefore when best to play particular tunes and styles, becomes a refined skill.


It goes without saying that I have a great love of music and of playing music to give people a great time.  But for me it is more than just music alone.  It is about my clients and their ideas, their guests but also lighting conditions, venue characteristics, etc.  


In one word it is about synergy....considering many individual elements to then deliver a truly unique, fantastic and memorable event.


Celebrations mark milestones that happen only once in a lifetime - let's make it special.


Please be prepared to invest time discussing options and details.  This up-front effort pays back many times over come execution. It gives me great satisfaction to see an event kick off and buzz.  When it is YOUR event I know you will get a kick out of it too.


Working as a sole trader it is important for me to have back up, and for that reason I am a member of the South East Disco Association (SEDA), the Mobile DJ Network, and several, other UK wide organisations.  That said, I have never missed an event through illness/sickness/travel issues.  At the time of a family bereavement I was able to call upon good and trusted colleagues to step in at short notice.

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